3 Largest Trees In The World

Trees cannot be considered just like a living thing, but it acts as an ecosystem as it can provide room for many living beings to dwell in it. Destruction of a tree means destruction of one ecosystem. This can make a significant impact on the whole nature. It is said that if you want to cut one tree, you need to plant another in its place. Trees are also helpful in providing us with fresh air and also can boost rainfall. Here is a list of world’s 3 largest trees and described in brief.

1. Hyperion Redwood, United States – It the largest tree that you can find on earth. It is 115.61 meters tall and comes under the category of sequoia sempervirens. If you want to see this amazing tree, then you need to visit Redwoods of California. The sight of this huge tree can be really awesome, and it has got a diameter of about 4.84 meter. Hyperion got exposed as a result of the exploration of Michael Taylor and Chris Atkins. These naturalists found out Hyperion in the year of 2006. It was measured, and it had the height of 115.55 meters then. The tree was found from a remote area inside the national park. Its actual location is not revealed to public as they are scared that there are chances for tourist traffic to interrupt this ecosystem. The tree is located in about 502 sq.meters and is about 800 years old. The trees of this species are all taller compared to others. The tallest tree that was found in this genre was 118.9 meters that got uprooted due to a storm.

Hyperion - Largest tree
Hyperion, United States

2. Centurion, Australia – This is another large tree that exists on earth with the height of 99.8 meters. This tall tree is located in Tasmania of Australia. It comes under the category of eucalyptus regnans. Centurion was discovered in the year 2008. Centurion survived through many adversities like forest fires. It has gone through the worst forest fires of 1950, 1966 and 1967. This tree is still healthy and is estimated to grow further. It is a great scene to see such a huge tree standing with all its pride.

Centurion - one of the largest trees in the earth
Centurion, Australia

3. Doerner Fir, United States – Doerner Fir is the tree that is about 99.4 meters tall and is located at Oregon of United States. This big tree got discovered in the year of 1989; it was measured last in the year 2008. This is the species of the trees that can grow much taller, and there are many evidences supporting that. Till the dawn of 20th century, it was the coast – douglas fir that hold the record of living as the tallest tree in the world. This tree was about 142 meters and was located in Washington. Doerner is about 500 years old. The tree has got it’s top dried which can get lowered gradually.

Doerner Fir - tall tree
Doerner Fir, United States

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