Top 11 Most Painful Stings – Beware of These

When we think about stings at the same time we can feel the pain if we have ever experienced it. Though the most common insect stings are in the rough least painful, now you are going to know about the most painful stings that can hurt for days.

There are more than 1.5 million species of insects which is approximately three times the number of all other animals merged.

In fact, insects are the most monumental creations of the environment. Honey, silk, beeswax and other important products are produced by insects. Nevertheless, the environment must needs insects for pollination, decomposition, and balance of the ecosystem.


Most Painful Insect Stings in The World

Here are the top 11 most painful stings are given below which is based on “Schmidtsting pain index” (ranking of an insect between 1 and 4) -be aware of these.

1. Bullet Ant

Bullet Ant - Most Painful Insect Stings

The bullet ant sting is the most dangerous and painful to the human being. Like its name, the pain of this insect or ant feels similar to a bullet, gunshot.

It is the largest ant in the world. They have a long sharp sting which is 30 times more painful than a bee sting which can reach the length of 1.2 inches.The killer bullet ant likes to sting again and again like a machine.

Its pain level is 4 plus, so the venom is very potent. As a result of the affected central nervous system, the victim have to suffer temporary paralysis or shaking of the limbs. Schmidt said the pain is like walking over flaming coal.

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2. Warrior Wasp

Warrior Wasp's painful sting

“You are chained in the flow of an active volcano”- the feelings after stung by a warrior wasp. This insect is known for invective behavior and dangerously painful sting which can remain for hours.

Its sting level is 4 and is the second most painful sting in the world. Its native is Central and South America like the bullet ant.


3. Tarantula Hawk Wasp

Tarantula Hawk Wasp with most painful sting

One of the most painful wasp sting belongs to these. Its pain level is 4. The pain only lasts for three to five minutes. They can grow up to three inches long and can be found in America, Africa and the southeast of Asia.

When a tarantula hawk wasp sting someone it feels like blinding, burning and electric shock.


4. Velvet Ant

Velvet Ant

You will definitely say wow at its color combination of the red and black hairy body. It is known as ‘cow killer’ insect, not so aggressive in behavior.

It has level 3 sting which pain can last you to 30 minutes. Schmidt’s explanation of its pain is explosive and long-lasting. They can be found in North America.

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5. Florida Harvester Ant

Florida Harvester Ant

This species of insect is not aggressive and its sting level is 3. The pain of its sting is so implacable that someone reaches under the skin and ripping The venom can be the reason for itching and swelling also.


6. Paper Wasp

Paper wasps can make very beautiful nest which looks like made of paper so that they are called paper wasp. They are not aggressive but get angry when their nest is disturbed. They can sting many times in a row can make the victim seriously injured even death.

When they feel threatened they can able to communicate with each other and attack altogether which is very dangerous.

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7. Honey Bee

Honey bees are very communal and they live in colonies. They only sting when they get disturbed. Their sting considered as the most painful bee sting.

The interesting fact is that the honey bee dies after sting someone. When they attack they release pheromones and give an alarm to the colony.So that they can attack together.

The most common symptoms after stung by honey bees are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, etc; it can turn into death in some cases. The sting pain level is 2 and after stung it feels like burning skin with fliped matchhead.


8. Yellow Jacket

This aggressive species attack along with the colony when they feel scared. Basically, they are named after their yellow and black body complexion. They are in level 2 but when they start to sting it is impossible to stop them.

They do it again and again. So the pain results in swelling, difficulty in breathing, weakness, fainting etc.


9. Bald Faced Hornet

They are called hornet because of their large size though they are not a hornet. They are very aggressive insects, attack anyone near to their nest. With their sharp sting, they push that into the victim again and again when they get angry.

The most dangerous fact is that they spray venom to the intruder’s eye when they come near their nest. This can make the victim blind too. The sting level is 2 according to the Schmidt. The pain of this sting is like mashed of a hand in a door.

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10. Fire Ant

Fire Ant -most painful stingsThe small sting can cause severe pain to the victim for 30 minutes to 1 hour which can make a small vesicle. They turn into the very attacking mood when they feel threatened.

The sting level is 1. 2 as the entomologist’s index. Who has ever experienced this pain will never be close to them again.


11. Sweet Bee

painful insect stings

Sweet bees are the most common bees in the world. They sting if and only if you try to remove them from your body skin. Interestingly, female sweet bees usually The sting level is 1 where the pain is like burning, itching, and swelling.


Here are the most painful insect stings that you need to steer clear of. Do not panic if you ever stung by any insects because there are many treatments of this. However, they are the most important element of this environment so do not try to harm them.

The truth is they do not attack first, they always try to defense to protect themselves by stinging. The venom of their body is the reason for the pain that we feel.

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