15 Types of Talking Parrots That You Must Know

It seems that when you hear the word “parrot’, an image is drawn in your mind that a colorful bird which has most distinguished characteristics the ability to mimic human speech.

Because of these characteristics, many people are interested in pet a parrot. So, if you are from those people then definitely you should go through the information below about talking parrots.

Moreover, There is a conflict between scientists that speaking parrot have a cognitive understanding or not.

Some species like African grey, are able to mimic some words, speech, songs, phrase whereas Budgerigars can memorize or mimic almost 2500 words; as these type of talking parrot have a better cognitive understanding.


Different Types of Parrots That Talk

If you are looking for adopting a talking parrot then there is some information about 15 types of parrot that talk; choose a species that will be the perfect match with your home and lifestyle.

1. Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus The Talking Parrot

Eclectus Parrots which is known for their clarity of speech and vocabulary are usually classified among the top three parrots that talk. They not only repeat some words or phrase but also can learn an entire song.

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2. African Grey Parrot

Talking Parrot

This parrot species have advanced cognitive abilities and talking ability. It’s a very intelligent and clever bird. They have the ability to reproduce any noise it hears.

The most famous Timneh African Grey is “Alex”. They do not mimic other’s voice as they have their own individual voice.


3. Macaws

Macaws - Speaking Parrot

It is the most popular parrot in the world because of its beautiful color and eye-catching personalities. It has the cognitive capabilities to mimic human speech. Properly trained macaws learn more than a hundred words and phrases.


4. Yellow-Crested Cockatoo

Types of talking parrots

Cockatoos are a tremendously social bird with talking ability. They can easily make a wide range of sounds. Their talking ability actually depends on the quality of training. They are known as a good


5. Long-Billed Corella

types of parrots that talk

This species of cockatoo is native to Australia. They can able to talk very clearly than most other cockatoo species. This is one of the cutest birds with long beak.


6. Budgerigar

The male budgerigar is known for their talking ability and the spooky ability to mimic human speech. When two budgerigars are trained together, they will never give any attention to the trainer.


7. Monk-Parakeet

Monk parakeets also need care and proper training to mimic the human voice. These can learn and imitate the words which they hear repeatedly. It is known as “skilled talker” or “quaker parakeet”


8. Indian-Ring Parakeet

These parrots are an elegant talker and popular pet in Africa and South Asia. Not all the Indian ring parakeets can talk, some of them can never talk in their entire life.

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9. Blossom-Headed Parakeet

They are rare so that not often kept as a pet. If they can be trained, they can also talk like the other parakeets.


10. Derbyan Parakeet

talking parrot

This type of parrot is an amazing bird that can talk. Their limpidity of speech sometimes compares with the Amazon parrots. But they cannot learn more vocabularies.


11. African-Ringneck Parakeet

They are affectionate and love to spend time with their owners. They can build small vocabulary or phrases which are commonly used or may surprise you with new words. They are not an overly noisy bird.


12. Australian King Parrot

They are very loyal and obedient pets. They can also talk if they can be trained from an early The absence of the owner, it will be harder to hear any human mimic or sound from it.

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13. Blue Fronted Amazon

This beautiful talking parrot is named after its especial blue marking on the head. They are only comfortable with one person, owner.

They can talk for hours and can sing a song if they can be trained well. You have to spend plenty of time for improving its talking quality and ability.


14. Yellow Crowned Amazon

Talking Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot

They are one of the excellent talkers of the Amazon parrots family. They are known for their loud voice and also the have a very long lifespan which is more than sixty years.

Though some parrots can never talk, this is a fantastic bird that can talk.


15. Yellow Naped Amazon

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot that Can Talk

This species of parrot is known for their ability to copy human speech exactly the same. They have the power of capturing a wide range of words and use them in the right situation.

It starts to talk from an early age. It usually bonds to one human and mimic the words or phrases of its owner and can also learn a song.


For the ability to talk and mimicry, parrots have been becoming a popular choice to the people who want to pet bird. There are lots of species in parrot and most of them have a cognitive understanding of talking.

Charming and engaging quality along with the ability to repeat human speech, the talking parrots have made a position over other companion pets which have increased its popularity for many years.

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