11 Top Animals with Antlers Around The World

Almost every time we get confused between horns and antlers but we should know that these two are different. Although antler is a kind of horn it is not solely a horn. There is two major difference between horns and antlers.

Antlers are branched whereas horns are not. So, if we see an animal with branched horns only then we can say that animal has antlers.

In addition to this, antlers tend to shed away and regrows but horns never shed away. Here we have put together 11 most known animals with antlers.


Different Animals with Antlers

Today we are going present succinctly such top 11 animals that have antlers, remember not horns.

1. Red Deer: 45 Inches

Red Deer with Antlers

The ruminants red deer is used as meat in many places around the world. Their antlers grow in spring and shed away at the end of the winter. It weighs 5kg maximum and made of bone. In winter, a soft velvet cover protects the new antlers.

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2. Chital: 39.6 Inches

known animals who have antlers

The sexually dimorphic chital/cheetal/spotted deer/axis deer has antler only in male members. Their antlers have three prongs.

They feed on grasses, herbs, fruits etc. They breed almost throughout the year and their antler sheds away and regrow like any other animals with antlers.


3. Moose: 79 Inches

Moose with antlers

The solitary animal moose or elk is the heaviest and largest extant animal in deer family which has open-hand shaped antlers which makes the animal distinguished. Their diet consists of only the terrestrial vegetables but also the aquatic ones.

The slow-moving moose start mating in the autumn season. The number of moose is getting reduced by human activities like hunting.


4. Reindeer: 39 Inches

Animals with antlers- Reindeer

A ‘ functionally extant’ animal reindeer or caribou is another animal with antlers. Among all cervid species, it is the only one where both male and female sexes can grow antlers.

It has got the second largest antler of any other extant deer. This antler has two individual groups of a point such as upper and lower.

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5. Barasingha: 30 Inches


different animals with antlersBarasingha which is also known as swamp deer. These grazers are found in open forests and the males are less pale than females in color. Also, they got colors in their body like yellowish brown with white dots along their spine.

They drink water twice in monsoon and winter as well as thrice or more than that in the summer season.


6. Mule Deer

Being named for their ears, mule deers have ears which resemble those of mule. The black-tipped tailed mule deer has bifurcated antlers which grow like a fork.

Generally, in February their antlers shed away and in spring it immediately regrows. They start mating in fall and two fawns are born usually.


7. Sambar: 43 Inches

A large deer sambar has bumpy and typically rusine antlers in male members only and they got only 3 tines. Sambar is a nocturnal animal and their gestation period last for 8 months.

Besides, they prefer grass and shrubs. A dense but small mane can be seen in them but it looks more prominent in male members. Again their relatively long tail has both black and color.

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8. White Stag

It is a white colored fallow/red deer which exhibits rare genetic pattern called leucism. But despite having leucism the color of their eye is normal.

But on the other hand, the color of their hair and skin doesn’t remain normal. They have been mentioned in many works of fiction such as Guigemar, Hungarian mythology etc.


9. Jackalope

A mythical animal jackalope is described as a jackrabbit which has antelope horns. The name jackalope is a portmanteau which has been made from the combination of two words such as jackrabbit and antelope.

Their antler is kind of a pronghorn. this animal has been mentioned in stories video games, tv shows etc. In addition to this, it can be found in bars and other places in countries like the USA.


10. Sika Deer

animal with antlers

Sika deer have alternative names such as Japanese deer or spotted deer. Their dried immature antlers are called velvet antlers which is a famous element in the tradition of Chinese medication.

Wolf, tiger and many other animals prey on them. Although it is a matter of fact that they are nocturnal, they remain active all day long.

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11. American Antelope: 4.9-16.9 Inches

American Antelope with antlersPronghorn is known as American antelope in North America. It has other names such as prairie antelope/prong buck/ antelope/ pronghorn antelope etc because it looks similar to the true antelopes.

Although American antelopes don’t have pure antlers. Rather this animal has a combination of both horn and antlers which is branched and sheds away and then regrows.


Antlers are different from horns. All antlers are a kind an of the horn but all horn aren’t antlers. Some antlers are long and some are short, some make a very strange shape such as the moose which looks like a palm and is the longest antler having a length of 79 inches.

Again some animal’s antlers are a mixture of both horn and antler such as American antelope’s antlers.

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