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Dedicated to bringing the largest, highest, tallest, smallest, etc. interesting topics in front of you.

The world is full of surprises that amaze us. No matter whether it’s the largest car, largest bridge, biggest tree, or the smallest animal that lives around us unnoticed, 10largest.com will create a list of those and rank them according to our team’s research. We are adding new lists frequently to fulfill the quest of our readers.

The listings are ranked according to different metrics depending on the topic. As some metrics are subjective, in such instances, the ranking is made from the author’s perspective. If you have any other thoughts regarding the rankings, feel free to leave us a comment.


David Sterner

Hi, I’m David Sterner, a professional archaeologist, writer, and blogger who loves to travel around the world. I started blogging in 2014 as a hobby to share my research, travel experiences, observation, etc., with people around the globe. As an archaeologist, I have to work in different countries and my professional duty takes me to places that are not common to tourists but enriched with historic structures and natural beauty. There are many great structures, places, and animals that are magnificent and different from the others but not known by most people.

”If you just share your experience, your audience will know it. If you can describe the surroundings properly – they will feel it.”

David Sterner

I have a strong passion for finding out the greatest of different species, structures, machines, etc., that exists/existed on the world and seeing them through my own eyes if possible. It gives me much better feelings when I know I am watching one of the biggest in the world. You will also feel them differently when you get to know that these are the largest in the world.

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