11 Most Aggressive Animals In The World You Never Knew

Aggressiveness is violent behavior that intends to harm another person or animal or any individual. When we think of aggression as an emotion we only think of animals that are aggressive.

But what comes to us like a bolt from the blue is human beings are at the top of the list of aggressive animals who tend to harm each other. No doubt animals are aggressive but humans are no less in that case.

Humans are born with their conscience but despite that, they are prone to be aggressive towards one another. Sometimes animals express aggression without aforethought.


World’s Most Aggressive Animals

If we are interested in doing research on the animal we must know about their nature, how violent they can be and how often they tend to attack. So here’s below we will get to know the top 11 most aggressive animals including human being at the top of the list.

1. Human- Homo Sapiens

world's most aggressive animal

Astonished? Well, you heard it right. First of all, it is important to make it clear that humans are animal and secondly, it is equally important to acknowledge that they are the most aggressive animals in the world since they have been killing each other for over ten thousand years.

We, humans, have not only been killing each other but also targeting the innocent animals very brutally which undoubtedly makes us the most bellicose animal in the world.

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2. Black Mamba- Dendroaspis Polylepis

agressive animal - Black Mamba

The black mamba is the fastest of all snakes which are lethal due to its fast speed. Usually, it doesn’t bite anyone without being provoked.

But once it gets excited, it bites barbarously and one bite of black mamba is sufficient to kill ten people at a time which is why it is called one of the deadliest animals. Victim should be immediately administered antivenin within twenty minutes without any delay.


3. Tasmanian Devil- Sarcophilus Harrisii

Tasmanian Devil-The most ferocious animal

This animal totally justifies its name ‘devil’.  It is found in Tasmania, Australian island state. They look fearsome when they make loud noises by showing off their teeth and also they create an awful smell just to get read of its attacker.

Also, they attack humans and their strong jaw helps them to bite with great impetus. They often die off transmissible cancer called ‘devil facial tumor disease’.


4. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

It is a transparent not so visible venomous marine animal which has thousands of stinging cells known as nematocytes containing a toxin that can attack the heart, skin cell, nervous system and so on.

Sometimes antidotes don’t even work on victims or the victim may go through unbearable pain. In addition to this, this animal leaves scars caused by its tentacle on the victim’s skin.

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5. Pufferfish


The second most poisonous vertebrate is the Pufferfish or Blowfish which inhabits tropical sea in countries like China, Japan etc.

It contains tetrodotoxin which is twelve hundred times more poisonous than the cyanide and is available in the fish’s liver, kidney skin etc. So it must be avoided from consuming or else it could cause death.


6. Cone Snail- Conus

Cone snail is nicknamed as cigarette snail which is another most aggressive animal in the word because of its hidden harpoon-like teeth that contain a venom called conotoxin which hinders the nerve cell to liaise with each other.

It lives in warm water and is prominent for its white and brown marble shell. Besides, it is a gastropod which is 4 to 6 inch long.


7. Sun Bear- Helarctos Malayanus

Despite the fact that Sun Bear is tiny in size, is the most aggressive bear species and it doesn’t need any reason for attacking by its strong and powerful teeth, claw and jaw.

Its sting is very throbbing and may be fatal to human beings and this is why it is called the worlds most venomous creature.

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8. Tsetse Fly- Glossina

Tsetse Fly

Another aggressive animal is the Tsetse Fly which is also known as worlds most treacherous fly and it can be found in sub-Saharan countries.

It is responsible for causing ‘African  Sleeping Sickness’ that is spread by a protozoan parasite called Trypanosomes. To be protected from them, neutral colored clothes should be worn because they only attract the vivid colors.


9. Golden Poison Dart Frog- Phyllobates Terribilis

It is also known as golden frog/golden poison arrow frog/ golden dart frog. This huge, vividly colored amphibian is menacing to human. Ten grown-up people altogether can be killed by only one frog’s poison called Batrachotoxin.

What makes it more threatening is, its poisonous gland lie under its skin so touching a dart frog could also be fatal.


10. Wild Boar- Sus Scrofa

Wild Boar- most ferociaous animalAt first sight, Wild Boar may not seem to be dangerous but their sharp-edged stabbing tusks could be very hazardous.

Also, they have a heavy body so when they attack their body and tusk both help in this attack and the victim gets extremely injured. In addition, they host not less than twenty different parasitic worm species.

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11. Saltwater Crocodile- Crocodylus Porosus

the most aggressive animals in the world

The Saltwater Crocodile is the Florida alligator’s cousin which is a way more aggressive in comparison with sharks. Salties are more responsible for human fatalities every year.

They have a plus point that they can swim in both fresh and saltwater which means they don’t act like their name and what is scarier is that their jaw strength is very high which is 95% more than that of a human being.


Animals are born with innumerable emotions. Some are agile whereas some are ferocious. But what scares us the most is the aggressive animals who can be detrimental to other individuals.

Some of them may look calm and quite from distance but when you will go near them they will reveal their real side and express their aggression.

It is true that these animals are often ferocious when they are being provoked but it is equally true that some of them don’t even wait for any provocation. They get excited in no time and in some cases without any reason.

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