5 Largest Cats in The World Based on Dimension

Is there any person in the world who cannot but love domestic cats? The answer is so obvious. Ever wondered what’re the largest cats in the world and are they adorable too? In this post, we are going to discuss 5 of the world’s largest cats based on dimension.


World’s Largest Cats

People love cats and when it comes to pet animal, a cat is the best one. When we think about the cat we imagine a tiny creature that we take in our lap but little do some of us think that cats can also be giant, even taller and larger than humans! They are called the wild cats and they are not as endearing as those domestic cats. They can be dangerous and for this, we should have a perspicuous idea about those species. Here 5 largest cats in the world based on dimension.

1. Liger (9.8ft – 11.8ft)


Liger is hitherto the father of all the largest cats in the world. They got the characteristics of both a male lion and a female tiger because they can swim and are very societal like their parents respectively which make them a conglomerate offspring.

It has been recorded that one of the male ligers, named Hobbs lived up to 17 years another male liger Nook weighed over 550 kg. According to length, it is the largest cat in the world. its size may scare you for a moment but it has been a sui generis cat in the world.


2. Siberian Tiger (11 ft)

Siberian Tiger

Siberian tiger is the world’s second largest cat according to most compelling evidence as it possesses a length of 11 feet. It inhabits Sikhote Alin mountain in the Russia Far East. This yellow/reddish – rusty cat with black stripes has an extended supple body that stands on short legs with a fairly long tail. In vacillating sources, its weight has been stated from 318 up to 408k g.

An exceptional cat named ‘Jaipur’ weighted 465 kg. Their lifespan is approximately from 16-18years. At the age of 35 months, they are called subadults whereas at the age of 48-60 months they become sexually mature.


3. Bengal Tiger (8ft – 10ft)

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger can be found in the Indian Subcontinent which has been listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List and has a population of fewer than 2500 individuals. Its characteristics are very idiosyncratic which include a yellow to mild orange coat with brown to black stripes, an orange tail, and white interior body parts and belly. It can weigh up to 325 kg.

It has a great magnitude as it’s the national animal of the country in both India and Bangladesh. They are found in the Sundarbans and locally called the Royal Bengal Tiger.


4. Lion (4.6ft – 8.2ft)

largest living cats in the world

Well, don’t panic seeing a lion in the list of the largest cats! Yes, a sexually dimorphic cat lion is an apex and keystone predator and some of them have been known for preying on humans. Males are larger than females. Males weigh 150-250 kg and females 120-182 kg respectively. It’s a sinews animal that has a deep chest, a round head and ears, a reduced neck and a tail with a hairy tuft at it’s ending. This one of the largest cats in the world has always been the cynosure of any animal zoo.


5. Jaguar (3.9ft – 6.6ft)


The final one of our top 5 largest cats in the world list is the ‘Jaguar’. It’s a wild cat and listed as Near Threatened according to the IUCN Red List. They weigh in the range of 56-96 kg with an exception of 158kg. This nocturnal cat is a carnivore which can have a life span of around 12-15 years. Besides, in captivity they can live up to 23 years for that they are called the longest-lived cat.

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We think of the cat as a winsome creature but some of them can be not only gigantic but also ferocious. Some of them also prey on the human, on the other hand, some of them are very valued by human beings for their companionship. Sometimes, they can have a height and weight beyond our imagination like the above list of the world’s largest cats. There are numerous large animals in the world and we know very little about them to be honest!

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