Largest Aquarium In The World

Atlanta in Georgia has the largest aquarium in world. Though mainly the result of a visionary businessman named Bernard Marcus, who donated $250 million, more than $40 million was realized as donation from large business like AT&T, Home Depot while Coca Cola donated the land needed for its construction.

georgia aquarium biggest
georgia aquarium – view 1
Largest Aquarium
Largest Aquarium – view 2
Atlanta in Georgia Aquarium
Atlanta in Georgia Aquarium – view 3
Largest Aquarium
Largest Aquarium in Georgia – view 4

Just to give you a fair idea of this gigantic aquarium here are some figures:

  • The tanks are filled using eight million gallons of ordinary water to which 1.5 million pounds of salt is added for making it saline.
  • The tanks are kept clean and inhabitable with help of 141 sand filters, 218 pumps and seventy protein skimmers. These pumps deliver 261,000 gallons of water per minute. It takes two hour for filtering and cleaning water in all the tanks.
  • The food required for animals is stored in freezers of twenty thousand pound capacity and refrigerators with a capacity of six thousand pounds.
  • The aquarium contains 120,000 animals from 500 species in sixty different habitats
  • It provides 12,000 square feet of windows for visitors to view the animals.
  • For taking care of sick animals, the Georgia Aquarium provides veterinary services through a hospital spread over 5,800 square feet and employs a staff of fifteen people.

The biggest aquarium comprises of five different galleries built around a central vestibule. These are:

  1. Georgia Explorer
  2. Tropical Diver
  3. Ocean Voyager
  4. Cold-Water Quest
  5. River Scout

Tanks in each gallery have a diverse population of sea animals like whales, sharks, otters, penguins, electric eels, seahorses, rays, crabs, sea stars, and a large variety of fish in various sizes.

On searching this biggest aquarium you can surely find any sea animal you may be looking for.  The two most spectacular shows that nobody likes missing are:

Journey with the Giants: Here you get an opportunity of swimming or diving with the world’ largest fish-the whale shark. Though you’ll be charged extra for this adventure, it will be once in a lifetime experience for most.

The AT&T Dolphin Tales:  This is a larger-than-life show that incorporates not just the talents of the dolphins, but also live human performers, in dramatic costumes under amazing effects. All are flawlessly blended to stimulate your senses to create an unforgettable experience for you.

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