5 Tallest Women In The World Ever

Everybody wishes to have a good height. Some are too short but few are too tall. Most often it is a gift of nature but at times certain hormonal imbalances cause people to become unusually tall.

Though exceptionally tall people become famous, their day-to-day living is not easy. Considering their extraordinary height it becomes difficult for them to travel in public transport, getting bed to suit their size and even locating clothes that would perfectly fit them. When we talk of people with unusual characteristics, we often tend to think of men but here we’ll talk about the 5 tallest women ever walked in the earth.


5. Wassiliki Calliandji, 7 feet 6.5 inch

Wassiliki Calliandji photo

There is little information available about this Grecian woman except that is gathered from newspaper cuttings. It is known that she was born in 1882 and was 7 feet 6.5 in tall with eyes as large as hen’s eggs. She died in 1904.


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4. Sandy Allen, 7 feet 7 ¼ inch

Sandy Allen

The distinction of being the tallest American woman ever goes to Sandy Allen. Born in Chicago in 1955, she grew to a height of 7 ft 7 ¼ in (233cm) due malfunctioning of pituitary gland. The tumor was removed when she was 22 years old.

On attaining adulthood she appeared in famous Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini’s movie named Fellini’s Casanova. During the later part of her life she was confined to wheelchair and died in 2008.


3. Yao Defen, 7 feet 8 inch

Yao Defen - one of the tallest women in the world ever

She is among the recent tallest women to qualify for this list. Born in 1972 in the People’s Republic of China she was 7 ft 8 in (234 cm) tall. Even when she was 11 years of age, she measured more than 6 feet. She had tumor in her brain, affecting her pituitary gland.

Though the doctor removed the tumor and dampened her growth, residue remained and that started growing again. She developed many health issues like delayed puberty, osteoporosis and hypertension etc. She lived for 40 years and passed away in 2012.


2. Jane Bunford, 7 feet 11 inch

Jane Bunford - world's 2nd tallest women ever

Born in Birmingham in the UK, on 26th July 1895, Jane Bunford was recorded to have a height of 7 ft 11 in or 241 cm. It’s interesting to point out that although she was tall of her age, apparently there was nothing strange about her height. Unfortunately, her skull got fractured accidentally and damaged the pituitary gland.

Another interesting feature is that she refused to exploit her height for monetary gains and preferred working as a caretaker and babysitter. She died in 1922. From 1916 – 1919, she was the tallest woman, also the tallest person in the world at that time.

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1. Zeng Jinlian, 8 feet 1 ¾ inch

Zeng Jinlian - illustration

Guinness World Record confirms Zeng Jinlian to be the tallest woman ever. This Chinese lady was 8 ft 1 ¾ in (248 cm) tall. He was born in 1964 and died in 1982. She is the only woman to have recorded a height of over 8 feet. In fact, it was not possible to measure her true height as she was unable to stand erect due to scoliosis.