10 Popular & Largest Dog Breeds In The World

There are many large dog breeds that are very popular among dog lovers. Here’s a list of the top 10 largest dog breeds available in the world.

10. Beagle


This medium sized dog breed also belongs to the hound group and was employed for hunting of hares and rabbits. Its appearance is similar to Foxhound but has longer ears and shorter legs. Beagles are frequently born in black and white color and develop brownish area later.

It may take one to two years for the color to get developed fully. Usually, the tail of beagles has a white tip or ‘flag’ that helps locating them in fields. It has a calm temper and is intelligent, though stubborn at times. They get along very well with children without showing any signs of aggression.


9. Bulldog

BulldogThis dog breed is stocky and has a compact body with strong limbs. Bulldogs are recognizable because of their small muzzle and sagging skin on the face, giving the impression of a frown and that has become a trademark of this breed.

An adult dog weighs nearly fifty pounds while a bitch weighs nearly forty pounds. Despite being stout, the height of an adult bulldog is approximately fourteen inches.


8. Boxers

boxers dog breedThese are medium sized, stocky dogs with short hair and a smooth fawn. Their muzzle is very strong and so are the jaws, making their bite powerful. Though boxers demand attention, they are famous for their faithfulness and love for their masters. They are very alert, fearless and defenders. They make a cheerful companion for the entire family because of their modesty and intelligence. Though docile by nature, this variety of dogs is skeptical of strangers.


7. Labrador Retriever

Labrador RetrieverLabradors are comparatively larger dog breed. The male may weigh 60-80 pound while the females weigh 45-70 pounds. Their coat may be black, brown or yellow in color. A litter may have puppies of various colors. These are known to be among the fastest learning breed of dogs, known to be obedient. They tend to shed their hair all through the year.

Their coat is quite waterproof and facilitates swimming. Most would love to play in water or swim. It is a very adaptable breed. Most Labradors like retrieving ball for hours together. They impulsively enjoy gently holding items or even hands and arms in their mouth without hurting the person. They tend to eat more than they can digest, making it imperative for the owner to keep a strict watch on their food intake.

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6. Rottweiler

Rottweiler dog breedRottweiler dogs are robust, medium large and commanding dog breed from Germany. This breed has black color with well defined tan on chest, cheeks, eyebrows and legs. Each toe has a pencil mark in black color and so should have each eye. Their dark brown eyes are warm and their expression is clam, fearless, alert and intelligent.

The top caot is coarse and the undercoat is waterproof. It is a low maintenance breed, though it sheds hair at particular paeriods of year. They are also cpable of learning things quickly and like to please their masters. They floursih on getting attention from their owners and want to keep them happy. If left unatteneded for long, a Rottweiler will strive to get attention of its owner.


5. Dalmatian

Dalmatian dogsThis breed is recognized by its white coat and black spots, though in rare cases the spot have brown or lemon color. The puppies are born totally white and spots appear later. The nails may be white or of the color of spots. The nose of dog having black spots is black.

It’s a popular breed of midsized dogs having better endurance. They are extremely active and require a lot of exercise. Being active and of playful nature, they make good companions of teens and older children. Toddlers and younger children should be supervised when in their company. Dalmatians are very affectionate and intelligent dogs and should be kept occupied else they could molest items lying around.


4. German Shepherd

German shepherdThe German shepherd is a big and strong good looking dog breed with a double fur coat that can be long or short haired. The color varies from crème to brown but you also get these in white or black color. Dogs from this breed with more than two colors are known as sable.

As they are keen to please their master, they can be trained easily. They are often employed as search and rescue dogs, police dogs, military dogs and guard dogs. Originally, the German Shepherd Dogs were meant to herd cattle, sheep etc. Now you’ll often find them working as guard dogs.


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3. Doberman

DobermanThis is a domestic dog breed and frequently used as watch dog, guard dog or police dog. A Doberman bitch weighs 65-75 pound and is 24-26 inches tall while the weight of a male is 75-85 pounds and 26-28 inches tall. Most often you would see a Doberman with a short tail but in fact it was born with a tail longer than most of its counterparts.

The tail of Doberman in most cases is cut off within a few days after birth. The reason is that it gives the dog a sleek look that it is expected to have. Another reason for shortening the tail is to make it difficult for an attacker or criminal to grab the animal when it is doing its job as a guard.

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2. Bloodhound

Bloodhound - one of the largest dog breed in the worldBloodhound is one of the largest dog breeds that is specifically bred for the purpose of tracking humans. That is why this breed is employed to track missing children, earthquake victims and escaped prisoners etc. It is famous for it ability to track scent over a number of day and long distances. Bloodhounds are among the most loving and responsive breeds of dogs and are known as “Gentle Giants.”

The weight of Bloodhounds varies from 80 to 110 pounds and they are 23 to 27 inches tall at the withers. Though fierce, they are affectionate and highly loyal. On getting separated from its master for prolonged intervals of time this gentle and affectionate breed is known to track its master and stop eating as an indication of sorrow. They are excellent family pets but may need supervision when among small children for fear of knocking them down due their weight.


1. Great Dane

Great Dane - largest dog breedThis is the largest dog breed which is famous for its big size and mild nature. The huge Great Dane is not Danish but German. This massive beast can be extremely affectionate towards its master and is playful. The minimum weight varies from 100-120 pounds and the minimum height varies from 28-32 inches. Cropping of its ears is a common practice in the US but not in Europe and in certain countries it is banned.

This breed is always spirited, dependable, friendly and courageous. They are strong, intelligent dogs and loyal to their master. No doubt they are subtle and gentle but not timid. Compared to many other breeds they are easier to maintain and train. They are good watchdogs.


Hope you have enjoyed the top 10 list of biggest dog breeds in the world. If you are a dog lover please do let us know your suggestion in the comments that you think we might have missed.